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A vehicle ceramic coating is the next best investment you’ll make in your car.

Wash after wash and wax after wax, grime, dirt, and other buildup continually threaten your car’s paint and its like-new, glossy appearance. Vehicle ceramic coatings offer a new, revolutionary way to protect your car’s paint, reduce denting and scratching, and make cleaning significantly easier. A vehicle ceramic coating also goes much further than a standard paint job for protecting the surface of a car. When applied, the new coating is fused to the surface and not dislodged by external force or vibrations. Comparatively, traditional vehicle coatings, like wax, wear off over time when exposed to bird droppings, acidic components of the atmosphere, and inclement weather.

Vehicle Ceramic Coating in Bluffton, South Carolina

At Savannah Ceramic Coatings, we use quality vehicle ceramic coating products. The nano technology used in these formulas allows the ceramic nanoparticles to fill in even the smallest pores within the paint, making the exterior of the vehicle shiny, smooth, and extremely slick. Ceramic coating products also dramatically lower surface tension, preventing bugs, dirt, tar, road salt, and other contaminants from bonding to the surface. Additionally, water easily removes dirt from the vehicle’s surface by encapsulating it through a self-cleaning effect.

Your vehicle ceramic coating only requires a one-time application when maintained correctly, putting it in a class above sealants and waxes that degrade quickly. For additional information about ceramic coatings and the application process we use at our shop, get in touch with us today! We proudly serve the Bluffton, South Carolina area.

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