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Remove stubborn smells and odors with ozone treatments at Savannah Ceramic Coatings.

When you have a vehicle that you spend a lot of time in, it’s only natural that your vehicle can start to develop stains, smells, or odors that seem to be stuck inside. Whether it is a milkshake that was spilled on a hot summer day or just consistent shuttling of teenagers after a sweaty sporting practice, there are times when simply airing out your vehicle or using some air freshener simply isn’t going to cut it. In those cases when serious smells need some serious treatment, come to Savannah Ceramic Coatings for an ozone treatment in your car.

Ozone Treatment in Savannah, Georgia

Ozone treatments are a remarkable way of cleaning out your car without trying to mask or cover up the smells, but instead, get rid of the smells altogether. With the use of ozone gas being pumped inside the vehicle, you will notice that your car doesn’t smell like, well, anything! With an ozone treatment from our team at Savannah Ceramic Coatings, you will quickly enjoy a nice neutral smell of your vehicle in the Savannah, Georgia area.

Because ozone works in a unique way of breaking items at a molecular level, bacteria, viruses and germs are broken down and their nasty smells are neutralized. The very cell walls themselves are destroyed with a concentration of ozone gas, and the gas can permeate every surface in your vehicle for great and thorough results.

If you would like to learn more about what an ozone treatment can do for your vehicle, please give us a call here today at Savannah Ceramic Coatings to find out more.

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