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Our ozone treatment can overcome any foul odors you might have in your vehicle.

Life happens. Your dog runs through the rain and jumps in your vehicle, making it smell like a kennel. Your son’s sweaty uniform makes it smell like a locker room. You pick up your uncle from the airport and you don’t have the heart to make him leave his nasty smelling cigar at the curb. That fish you picked up at the market slid out of the bag and under the seat going unnoticed for several hours. Despite what some of those air freshers claim in their advertisements, ridding your vehicle of these kinds of odors isn’t all that easy.

Ozone Treatment in Skidaway Island, Georgia

At Savannah Ceramic Coatings, we have the solution for tough odors. Our ozone treatment freshens your vehicle by removing the odors, not masking them with another scent. It breaks these odors down at the molecular level, which means it is also highly effective at removing viruses, germs, and bacteria as an added benefit. The ozone gas created during an ozone treatment gets deep into the fabric where these odorous molecules live for a thorough solution that cannot be matched by any air freshener on the market today.

If you would like to enjoy a neutral scent in your vehicle as you are driving around the highways of Skidaway Island, Georgia, reach out to us to learn more about how an ozone treatment can accomplish that for you. We can also further improve your vehicle with services such as vehicle ceramic coating, headlight restoration, paint correction, and more. Call today to schedule any of our services.

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