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Our technicians who perform ozone treatments are skilled and experienced.

If your vehicle has any stains or odors that are hard to eliminate, you may be looking for a more effective treatment or solution. An air freshener may mask the scent in your car, but over time, the cabin of just about every vehicle becomes impacted by a stain, spill, or stench. At Savannah Ceramic Coatings, we can help by providing a very effective ozone treatment that will get rid of these issues for good. An ozone treatment involves pumping ozone gas into the cabin of a vehicle. The gas works in a unique way, breaking down stains and odors at the molecular level. The result is odors being neutralized and stains being eliminated, no matter what may have been causing them.

Ozone Treatment in Hilton Head, South Carolina

What is particularly appealing about an ozone treatment is the fact that it can be done quickly and efficiently. When you bring your vehicle to our location, we’ll get started right away to inject the ozone gas into the cabin and allow it to do its job. After the gas has permeated every location within the vehicle’s interior, we’ll air it out and return your car to you with a fresh, neutral smell. Unpleasant odors will be gone, and your car’s cabin will look refreshed.

Our ozone treatment is available to those in and around Hilton Head, South Carolina. Our technicians who perform ozone treatments are skilled and experienced. If you want a more effective solution to the odors and stains within your vehicle’s cabin, contact us to schedule a treatment.

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