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Our Ceramic Pro packages will give your car a layer of protection against scratches, rain, and other damage.

Ceramic Pro Packages in Richmond Hill, GeorgiaHere at Savannah Ceramic Coatings, we understand that you care about your car, and that you want to see it looking its best. If you are looking for a way to keep your car sleek and protect it from blemishes, you have a number of options, from covering it with a tarp when parked to applying a coat of wax. However, in our experience, nothing can match the protection that our Ceramic Pro packages provide.

Unlike waxes, ceramic coatings actually bond with the molecular structure of your vehicle’s paint, forming an incredibly strong layer of protection. These coatings are great for protecting your car from everything from rainwater to bird droppings, and are well worth the investment. Our team offers a range of different Ceramic Pro packages to give you the specific level and type of protection that you need in order to keep your vehicle looking as good as it did when you drove it off the lot. For instance, our Ceramic Pro gold package offers you permanent scratch protection, a super hydrophobic coating, corrosion resistance, and more, and comes with a lifetime warranty on the work. If you would like to know more about which of our Ceramic Pro packages is right for you, simply give us a call.

Our team is proud to serve the Richmond Hill, Georgia community, and we want to help you do what’s best for your car. If you are looking for a way to keep it looking shiny and new, we encourage you to call our team to learn more about our Ceramic Pro packages.

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