How Can a Ceramic Coating
Protect My Vehicle?

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For those of us who want to take very good care of our cars, you can find us stalwartly waxing away on weekends, carefully cleaning our vehicles, and trying our best to produce that enduring shine! Even if you love and want to maintain your vehicle, taking care of your car shouldn’t be a full-time job. Instead of babying your vehicle’s paint job, why not help it to defend itself? With a ceramic coating from Savannah Ceramic Coatings, you can have the durable protection that your vehicle needs to withstand sun, rain, birds, and bugs and even become more scratch-resistant, giving you more time to love using your vehicle instead of maintaining its paint job.

ceramic coating is different than a wax

A ceramic coating is different than a wax in terms of protection. While waxes need to be reapplied regularly to get the protective coating, a ceramic coating needs to be applied only once. Neither a sealant nor a wax, a ceramic coating is comprised of something different entirely. This protective coating acts like a shield by bonding with the very paint molecules and hardening to a much harder protective coating than that of a wax or the vehicle’s own protective layer. This gives your vehicle a long-lasting luster that doesn’t fade in the sun or peel off due to trees or insects. Instead, you get a strong, durable ceramic coating that protects your paint in all sorts of environments.

If you are interested in learning more about the cost of ceramic coatings or how a ceramic coating can work for your vehicle, we would love to discuss it further with you here at Savannah Ceramic Coatings.