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Get great protection and value with the Ceramic Pro Bronze Package.

Ceramic Pro Bronze Package in Savannah, Georgia
Do you wish you could spend less time washing your car and more time admiring it? If you are tired of having a lackluster shine and finish even on your freshly cleaned vehicle, it might be time to take the protective and shine factor one step further with our ceramic coating options that we have here at Savannah Ceramic Coatings. When you have our team apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle, you can look forward to all kinds of benefits, including a vehicle that is a snap to clean and even one that looks like a deeper, richer color that you are able to enjoy. With our ceramic coatings, you can enjoy a coating that physically bonds to the paint job and hardens to create a surface that has hydrophobic qualities. We have a variety of packages that we offer here at Savannah Ceramic Coatings, but one of the best packages for the value is the Ceramic Pro Bronze Package.

With a solid two-year warranty, the Ceramic Pro Bronze Package is great for any type of vehicle that you want to look nicer and be protected during that time. This works well for leased vehicles on their last couple of years, family cars, and even watercraft. With an evenly applied layer of Ceramic Pro Light all over the surface of your vehicle, you can expect to see water beading up and rolling off almost instantly. You’ll also notice that it is so much easier to wash and keep clean! If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of Ceramic Pro Bronze Packages for your Savannah, Georgia vehicle, contact us today!