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Our 3,600-square-foot facility is insured with surveillance and an air conditioned waiting room/office.
We only use the best products, which costs more but gets much better results.
When a vehicle is ceramic coated, it is a lot easier to clean and will stay clean longer.

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Savannah Ceramic Coatings

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"My car looks better than it did brand new! This girl is almost 7 years old with over 50k miles. She took a beating from the elements of Laguna & a cross-country drive. Savannah Ceramic Coatings did a 3-stage paint correction & decontamination plus pulled out a few dents. Then several coats of ceramic that will last forever with regular washing & one yearly detail. Dust just flies off & she’s glossy & smooth."

– Keysruler

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Get $400 Off Our Gold and Silver Package

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3,600-square-foot facility
best products
ceramic coated
Process and Pricing


Don't Miss Our Black Friday Special!