Protect your vehicle's appearance with the best coating on the market at Savannah ceramic coatings

Savannah Ceramic Coatings
Offers a revolutionary advancement in paint protection.

As the original professional ceramic coating installers in the Savannah area, we have all the proper products, tools, experience, and resources to offer the best quality and service to our customers.

Our professional grade coatings are 4x thicker than any ceramic coatings on the market currently, making them twice as durable and even more resistant to damage caused by sand, salt, UV Rays, oxidation, water staining, road grime, bird droppings, bug etching, and other harmful substances.

Our coatings are made to last from two years to the lifetime of your vehicle depending on the ceramic coating package you choose and proper maintenance. Regardless of longevity, your vehicle will receive a protective barrier that will not only enhance color and gloss, but also provide an ultra slick, hydrophobic surface making your vehicle appear wet and shiny.

All of our ceramic coating packages include the decontamination process, paint enhancement (polish), interior detail, and the coating applied to the paint, trim, face of the wheels, and the windshield. Your vehicle may require a full paint correction based on the age, color, and condition of the paint after decontamination.



Your car is your pride and joy

And if you enjoy spending your weekends detailing it and equipping it with the best in upgraded features, you have probably heard the buzz about ceramic coatings. The pinnacle of paint protection available on the market today, a ceramic coating becomes the new membrane of your paint after application, protecting your vehicle’s exterior from insects, salt, light marring, UV rays, oxidation, chemical etching, stains, tree sap, and more.

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How Is this Possible?

Serving the Savannah, Georgia area, our team at Savannah Ceramic Coatings offers and applies ceramic coatings for vehicle owners who want to add an extra level of protection and luxury to their car. A ceramic coating is neither a sealant nor a wax, but a nano-ceramic shield that amazingly protects your paint from blemishes. When cured properly by our auto detailing professionals, this unique, state-of-the-art formula transforms to protect your paint from common issues that threaten its appearance while driving and parked.

Savannah Ceramic Coatings